Sanford Sport Shop

sanford sport shop deer feed
sanford sport shop deer feed

Sanford Sport is one of the oldest Sport Shops in Michigan and is owned and operated by Jennifer Palmer. Sanford Sport was established in 1948 and has been the go to bait-shop.

Jen and the Girls
Jen, Jazzy and Shanti






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5 days ago

Sanford Sport Shop

We open at 5 am See MoreSee Less

We open at 5 am

6 days ago

Sanford Sport Shop

Sanford Lake – few panfish , Pike
Wixom Lk. – Crappie – Pike
Brushaber Rd- BlueGill , Crappie , Pike – an ——-occasional catfish
Secord- panfish
Sugar springs – Panfish, Pike
Pratt Lake- panfish
Wiggins – panfish – PIKE
HOUGHTON LK- panfish – Pike – walleye on occasion .
Saginaw Bay- perch- walleye
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Saw some guys fishing the river today by the railway bridge…. any word on how they have been doing?

1 week ago

Sanford Sport Shop

Don’t forget it’s the DNR’s Free Fishing Weekend. And there is a lot of Fishing going on! See MoreSee Less